Follow the Sun's Way (Remastered)


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released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


TVERD Moscow, Russia

Slavic Powerful Music

(Epic Pagan Folk Prog. Metal)

The project of PAGAN REIGN band members

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Track Name: Volk & Krechet
Being the wolf and follow the sun’s way,
Being the white gyrfalcon and fly up to the clouds!
The nature bears retribution’ echo,
The heroes’ will is to cry “Go for the victory»!

This is the great field of the final battle,
Where a moss is under my feet and a forest behind my back-
And brothers, who had gone with you to the battle,
Will die or survive close by you!

There is the sword’s glitter like a dew in the Rus warrior’s arm,
And arrows got stick in the ground and trunks,
There is a wolf’s resolution to fight in your eyes,
There is the gyrfalcon’s wing-span at your standard.

These are the standards and pipes and the drums’ sounds,
The castles, wandering wind, victories, sorrow,
And dreams about your native, but lost countries,
Where the gyrfalcon, the wolf and boundless distance are.

So, why do you, brothers, lie immovably?
I had been beaten down to the trunk by the enemy’s spear!
The winner was doom to be in the far world,
And the wound in the chest bleeds little and little.

The warrior keep the eye at the fighting’ sounds through the ancient cup
And squeezes his sword obstinately-
I will call such love very real:
And die for saving my native land.

The bloody battles, where the time had stopped,
There are the sword’s strokes and heavy axes,
The warrior’s sweetheart’s smile,
Fields and the Forests and the sumptuous feast in the knight’s tower.
Track Name: Istochnik
Having lost in red sun,
The eyes’ sight was percolated by the fire,
And Yarilo with its powerful heat
Order me to turn away.

At my native land
The summer has been going out threshold.
And creeps by green carpets softly
Under my feet.

The pines spin round in the round dance
Above me like the dives,
And prop up firmament
By its’ hairy branches.

The grass’s smell drugged me strongly
By it’s invisible wall.
The forests lead me into the path towards the stream
Among the red berries…

Under ancient overgrowned stone
Spring, the ground’s tear streams,
Having appeared to find its road,
To be the native’s power essence.

So, I am in front of you
My mother, my damped land,
Just fill my soul
Fully by your strength.
Track Name: Maslenitsa Shirokaya
This song is devoted to the ancient Slavic pagan holiday, called Maslenitca or “Kamaedica». This holiday is celebrated from 22 to 24 March and nowadays it is linked with spring equinox and symbolized the Life’s light powers’ victory at the Death’s powers. The ancient forest’s keeper is Veles, like a bear, awake after winter hibernation. People celebrate Maslenitca gaily and energetically: different games and fisticuffs are hold, round like sun blinys are cooked and eaten. The holiday’s culmination is the ice fortress’s storm and the burning of Marena death God’s scarecrow, that symbolized a winter.
Track Name: Serdce Rodnoy Zemli
Алой слезой по бескрайней земле,
Дивным закатом над талыми водами
Я пронесу по родной стороне
Соколом душу, согретую вёснами.

Забытой тропою заросшая быль,
Туман сединою — дорога на север,
Всполохом пепел, распавшийся в пыль,
Что раненным духом играющий ветер.

Что тебе снится, когда пустота
Вновь накрывает заснеженной сказкою?
Где судьбы нить прошивает тебя
Памяти следом, оставленным краскою?

Там, где пылает предвечный закат
Разорванным телом над пропастью смерти,
Там, где под звёзд одеялом лежат
Вольных просторов рассветные выси —
Моя сторона…

Грустью пронизана — реками грёз,
Звуками битв, белой крови победами,
Славой испитой, что мёдом пьяна —
Русь — под солнца волшебными стрелами.

Ты лети стрелой над моей землёй
Песнь о силе — силушке хмельной
Чрез сосновый бор, вдоль сини озёр,
По полям златым песнь лети стрелой!

Белым снегом овеяна,
Землёй чёрною заколдована,
Сторона моя красным пламенем
Да с бескрайним небом повенчана.

Ты живи, племя славное,
На родной земле с честью во сердцах,
Яром пламенным — Ратью храброю,
Вольной волюшкой с верой во глазах.
Track Name: Pod Solnca Volshebnymi Strelami
Track Name: Kogda Lomayetsia Stal'
— “I remember my youth,
And that days, that are similar with thick forest,
When my father’s axe would often save me
From life’s difficulties many times.

Now few of us have survived-
Friends lie into raw ground,
But we, who didn’t break
Will do the honour for our relatives!“

The veins were pounding and bursting like a hammer,
During the sword’s breaking,
The spirit is not under the fortune’s changes’ influence-
The courage will always protect a heart from wounds.

The Gods’ power was given to the Clan from heavens
Fires in everyone from within,
The striving is full of a will in the battle:
Win or die!

The Iriy’s light is bearing generation’s might,
The blade’s metal is crumbling,
There is the northern night’s cold in bright eyes,
The shield is getting the stroke.

The chief is on the black horseback,
He is directing his bodyguard
By the hand’s hard moving to the immortality-
To heaven’s river’s water.

The blood is shedding into raw ground,
Don’t do any step back to the past!
The raven is glancing long and intently
At the Perun’s army.

A pride, that is higher than silver pines,
Gives a boldness in a battle,
Hero’s power is not in sharp hatchets-
But is in their truth’s belief.

-“And even enemy is stronger than we,
Not in a spirit, but in an amount,
The tale about our steel’s breaking battle
Will be composed by people, who will survive…»
Track Name: Sokol Nad Rus'yu
The falcon was flying over gold fields,
The falcon was flying over marine space,
The falcon was flying over dark forests,
The falcon was flying across snowy peaks…

The falcon was flying through the Trojan’s path,
The falcon was flying through ancestors’ paths,
The falcon was flying over sky glades,
The falcon was flying over earth’s oceans.

Having come down under trees’ crowns,
Where there is green moss, covered with coniferous,
There the wise bird has heard the song,
And only hero is worthy to listen to this song’s sounds.

Over our land, the great country,
The forest tells fairytales to a wanderer,
Here the thickets are known for wild beauty,
And Russian person has no danger to come in these thickets…

This is a song about our fathers’ battles,
How ancient Gods were leading them forwards,
How fire’s flame raise up to a sky,
And the Slavonic race had been living at a freedom land.

Having risen up, saw war field,
The bloods flows and steel’s reflection,
There were enemies’ bodies turned black like ravens,
It always was so, when the Russian warriors had been beginning the war.

The falcon was flying over battle’s field,
The falcon was flying over the knight’s Kremlin,
The falcon was flying competing with a wind,
The falcon was flying over our land.
Track Name: Na Chuzhuyu Storonushku
This is an ancient Russian folk ritual song, linked with future girl’s marriage with a man from another clan. Sometimes due to such marriage girl had saved her family from a foreign tribe’s destruction. Here the girl’s mother conjures nature’s powers and blesses her daughter’s last way to another clan (settling).
Track Name: Bogatyrskaya Zastava
There is gloomy country of snowy plains,
Of everlasting forests under grey highs,
Of constrained waters and cold winds,
Having made by a snow-storm from illusory dreams.
Russian lands thickened in night,
There are steel swords in depths of burial mounds,
That shaded bloody rivers in the past,
They are waiting for an awakening and battles’ smell.
There are shadow’s temples among white hills,
There are quiet squeaks of frozen oaks,
There are sounds, that thickened in branches,
In old mossy stones’ splits…

There are invisible distance beyond a horizon,
And river’s sleeves twist like a snake,
The water has been flowed to the South and to the East
Through a forest by sharp paths,
To an endless steppe, born by heavens,
Which was broken by ground’s hardness.
There wormwood’s smell rise to stars,
In order to cool dawn be awaked.
There is an ancient power of having left peoples
Wander like winds over the grass
And free wild wanderers, riding the Turas (ancient taurouses)
Worry the underground Nav’ by horses’ hoofs.

The rocky seaside is very inaccessible,
For fateful black wave-
So a person’s spirit, Sloven’s Clan
Is inexorable in front of enemy’s horde.

While Sun’s light has been shone like a bright flame
Over Russian land for a long time,
A strange star of another faith
Won’t sparkle over our Great land.

Russian girl’s plot is:
-“The bird flew to blue sea,
And dropped it’s right wing into a sea,
I don’t regret a wing, but – a blue-grey feather,
I don’t regret the farther, but regret to leave the young man,
This young man have the smoothly brushed head,
His head will match for his life as a warrior».

It is quiet at far border’s bounds
That is lying between snow and fire’s heat;
The summer lightening blaze like heaven fire;
There is a foreign land beyond hills.
A steel hatchet of Slavonic spirit
Froze like arrow, waiting for an extraction
Until the time to be in accurate person’s hands-
The gate has hidden beyond oak forest’s shadows.
There are harpoons’ towers around broken walls
And hundreds of broken enemy’s arrows
In ruts, around the closed gates,
Where their quick flying had finished.
The fortress under Perun’s right hand light
Is a guard and a keeper of invisible borders,
Is faithful barrier from steppe’ fires
Among black thickets and distant fields.

The heros’ brave is indestructible for ever,
The ancient bogatyrs’, that kept an ancient behest!
Slava, Slava, Slava is for Slavonic sons,
For valiant men, that have guarded!
Our land is full of men with a strong spirit-
So, let a native spare be free!
Track Name: Pechal' Zemly Russkoy